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Contaminated Recycling timer2019-11-12T15:36:44.8611937+00:00

Last week we were given a C rating from York County Recycle facility due to contamination. PLEASE no bags or yard waste in recycling. DO NOT bag your recycle. We are paying for recycling now and when it is contaminated the cost more than doubles. Please visit our website at to view recycling information. Also please place your carts at least 3 feet apart and not up against mailbox or cars. We greatly appreciate your help in cleaning up the recycle!!

Update timer2019-09-04T15:13:52.1262898+00:00

Our recycle program is once again changing for the better! This will be changing effective 8/01/2019. Please note that we have to follow the rules of York County Recycle Center inorder to continue to use their facility. The 3 most contaminated material we see that is NOT ACCEPTED are plastic bags, yard waste and glass. Please do not bag your recycle! Our recycle program can continue if we Recycle Right. Please share our post to your community sites and tell your neighbors to help spread the word.

Payment Reminder timer2019-10-30T14:07:44.1661783+00:00

If you haven't made a payment on your account for this quarter please do so by Friday, November 1st to ensure your service will not be interrupted for non pay. If payment has been made thank you! You may visit our website at to make online payments.

Welcome to Signature Waste Notifications! timer2019-10-30T02:50:14.4454096+00:00

Welcome to the new notification system for Signature Waste. Since you have an account with us, we have automatically added you to receive billing notifications related to your account. If you'd like to also receive updates on recycling, pick-up dates, delays and holiday schedules, please click the link below and click the "Subscribe" button by those areas. We look forward to providing you with the most up-to-date information on your pick up times.

Eli and Founders St timer2019-10-30T14:11:59.2858754+00:00

We attempted to service the recycling yesterday but these 2 streets were blocked by construction vehicles. We will come back by on Thursday, October 31st to service the recycle.

Service delay for Baxter Trash timer2019-10-08T18:22:13.4281209+00:00

If you are coming off of Hwy 160 onto Sutton Rd the left side of Baxter will be on a service delay today for trash. Please leave carts out to be serviced today and tomorrow. We apologize for the delay in service.

Holiday Schedule timer2019-11-26T14:09:44.7343506+00:00

The trash and recycle service will be on a 1 day delay due to the holiday. Recycle will be on Altura Rd and Pleasant Rd this week. Happy Thanksgiving!

Holiday Delay timer2019-11-26T14:11:34.1123615+00:00

The trash and recycle route will be on a 1 day delay due to holiday. The recycle will be for Lake Wylie/Clover/York this week. Happy Thanksgiving!